Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the trend of web design and development technology. This approach makes web pages flexible and render excellently on different devices with different resolutions. No matter what kind of devices users browse the web, including desktops, tablets or mobile phones, the layouts are adjusted to fit in the displays and provide the best user experiences.

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Feature and Benefits

Save Time and Cost

Creating a wesbite with responsive web design, webmasters only need to maintain once to meet multiple platforms, and contents on all the platforms are synchronized. It saves money in the long run due to maintenance costs, special configuration costs, etc of a website that uses two separate versions.

Excellent User Experiences

It provides optimal user experiences by ensuring the optimal layouts depending on the screen size and orientation. Using this design technique, visitors can focus more on the contents directly without complicated controls.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Responsive design is Google's recommended design pattern. Search engines are now more favorable to mobile-friendly websites. This raises the site ranking in search engine.

Higher Conversion Rates

A responsive and optimized mobile site provides a much better user experience for the visitors. Therefore, it is much more likely that they'll stick around for a longer period of time and explore different areas of your site.

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