Google recently announced that the Chrome Ad Blocking Policy is globally applicable, affecting businesses and users worldwide.

Are you tired of bad ads? What should you pay attention to when advertising? How to avoid being affected by the new policy?

Google publish an announcement on the official blog saying that they will follow the Coalition for Better Ads to block and hide all ads that affect users’ browsing experience, such as full-screen ads, pop-ups, auto-play sound or video without warnings, also full-screen ads that without count down. The new policy applies to both desktop and mobile devices.

Undoubtedly, this policy puts the user experience to the first priority, giving users a smoother and clear Internet experience. At the same time, companies can target their customers more accurately and effectively. Also attract more customers with high-quality advertising.

If you don’t want to be affected by Google’s new policies, advertisers should avoid designing ads that are classified as “unacceptable”, such as full-screen, pop-up, or auto-play, and redesign their ads in a more profitable way to engage consumers.

For more information on advertising, please find the guidelines for the Coalition for Better Ads, or contact one of our Professional consultant.


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