The EU recently passed a controversial amendment to the online copyright law. Although the original copyright law is intended to protect the rights of creators, the content of the regulations has brought many problems to many online platforms.

The biggest problem is the article 13. The regulations require the platform to ensure that all content uploaded by the user is not infringed, otherwise it will be punished together. This legislation may seem simple, but from a technical perspective, the platform needs to check the upload content before it can be made public. As a result, the larger the platform is, the more difficult it is to implement the relevant bills. Therefore, Large platforms such as Google and Wikipedia are opposing the legislation.

Although the amendment has improved some of the content, it does not mean that the problem has been completely solved. Youtube pointed out that since the amendment still fails to clearly explain the implementation details, the platform may still choose to directly block most of the content because it is difficult to operate, and may even cause trouble for the copyright owner itself.


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