Some people may have the habit of uploading files to the cloud service, either for backup or for direct reading on the web. However, the social platform Myspace was recently found to have lost all music files uploaded within 12 years of the start of the service.

In fact, the whole thing happened about a year ago, when users reported that there was a problem with music playback. Myspace says this is just a system issue and will try to fix it. However after a few months, Myspace notified users that the photos, music and video files uploaded before 2015 could not be used due to system migration. Later, when Myspace queries the user, it indicates that the file has been corrupted and cannot be recovered.

Because Myspace’s popularity is not as great as it used to be, the incident has not been widely circulated. Until recently, someone raised the incident on Reddit and Twitter to let the public know about it and understand that there is a certain degree of risk in using cloud services.

Cloud services do bring a lot of convenience, but keep in mind. No matter what platform, no guarantee is guaranteed. After uploading your file, it’s a good idea to check regularly if there are any problems with the file.


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