Many people have used WinRAR as the decompression software in Windows. If you still use WinRAR now, you may want need to pay attention for a while.

Computer Security Company Check Point Research recently discovered several vulnerabilities in WinRAR. These vulnerabilities allow hackers to create new files anywhere in the computer to execute malicious programs. The vulnerability is derived from a library unacev2.dll that has not been updated for many years, mainly related to the decompressor of the ACE format archive. Since this library has not been updated for more than a decade, it means that this vulnerability has been hidden in the WinRAR program for more than ten years.

After receiving notification from the security company, WinRAR has decided to remove the ACE format support in the new version. At present, only the latest beta version has removed the vulnerability part, so before using WinRAR to extract the file, confirm the source of your file first.

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