Users of the free version of G suite should be aware. Google announced that the free version of G suite will be discontinued on July 1, 2022. Relevant users will need to upgrade to the paid version of Google Workspace to continue using the service.

Google’s enterprise-level service platform, Google Workspace (old G suite / Google Apps), provided a free version for users to sign up before 2012. Even if the service has undergone many major changes, users of the free version can continue to use the service. However, recently Google started notifying users that the free version of the G suite service will be discontinued on July 1.

If users want to continue to use the existing service, Google recommends that users complete the upgrade process preferably before May 1. Users who successfully upgrade can still use Google Workspace services for free until July 1.

Even if the user does not complete the upgrade by May 1, Google will automatically upgrade the service to Google Workspace. However, the relevant account will be in a suspended state. After 60 days of being suspended, users will be stopped from using core services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Meet. Users need to set up a payment profile in order to use the service again.


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