Microsoft’s Bing is the only foreign search engine that can be used in China, but it has suddenly been unable to be used in China. Some people tested that Bing was blocked by China because it did not follow the rules of censorship.


Microsoft later confirmed that the issue has been fixed and has now resumed operation, but did not disclose in detail why the site is inaccessible. According to statistics company data, Baidu, which is the leader of China’s search engine, accounts for more than 70% of the market, while Microsoft’s Bing is only 2%, just ranked sixth.

Google, the world’s largest search engine, shut down its services in China after failing to pass the censorship and hacking attacks in 2010, and withdrew from the Chinese market. Recently, it was revealed that Google intends to launch a search engine for the Chinese market under the name of Dragonfly. Later, due to opposition from all parties, the plan was put on hold and returned to China for no time.

The current search engine has changed a lot. It is recommended that webmasters and marketers optimize for different search engines in order to get good page rankings and get more exposure!

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