How should I choose a good domain name? Will you be afraid of choosing the wrong one?

I believe that many bosses and people who start creating websites will encounter this problem.

The following is a very important guideline for picking a good domain name.

First, let’s revisit, Why do you need a domain name?

In fact, the Internet works like the phone system we use daily. Each phone is linked with a phone number,

If you want to communicate with the other party, you need to have the target phone number.

Same logic applied to the Internet. Every computer is linked an IP address;

To enter the company’s website, you must have the complete IP address.

Since IP address is too long and difficult to remember, the Domain Name System was invented. Therefore domain name is used instead of the IP  address.

These domains are unique on the Internet and are consisted of English, numbers, and hyphens. It allows domain names to be meaningful and easy to remember.

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First: Short and Essential

People have limited memory, so the shorter the domain name is, the easier it is for the guest to remember, and the easier it is to enter. Then, more customers can go directly to your website.

Second: Be Relevant

The domain you choose must be relevant to your business. For example, if your business is about coffee or flowers, you can try to choose a domain name with a similar keyword, that is, “coffee” or “flower”.

This way, whenever your customers want to drink coffee and buy flowers, they will be able to think of your website for the first time.

Of course, your brand name is the best to be your domain name.

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