The Internet is like the telephone system we use on a daily basis. Each mobile phone has a phone number. If you want to communicate with the other party, you need to have the other party’s phone number.

The same thing happens in the Internet. Each computer has an IP address. To access its company’s website, you must have the IP address of the website. However, in view of the fact that the IP address is too long and difficult to remember, the domain name system was invented, and the domain name was used instead of the IP address.

These domain names are unique on the Internet and can consist of English characters, numbers, and hyphens. This allows domain names to be meaningful and easy to remember.

On the Internet, domain names are just as important as your image.

For example, Apple’s website domain name is, which can be recognized when you see the domain name. Therefore, we recommend that individuals and teams should register for a domain name of their own. In addition to the website, the domain name will also be used as an email address for the company to communicate with customers, which will effectively enhance the image and popularity.

Here are some reasons why you need a domain name:

  • If you don’t register a domain name for your brand, your competitors will be pre-registered, and the business will have a chance to lose to the rival company!
  • Register the domain name of the product you will launch in the future, so as not to be maliciously exploited by others when it is launched
  • Have a unique domain name, can effectively improve your product exposure, bring you business directly

Prepare your domain right now!

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