Today we are going to look into choosing a perfect domain name. I believe many bosses and users who want to start their new websites have encountered this issue. How should I choose a good domain name? Will I be afraid of choosing the wrong one?

A good domain name is short and essential, and it has to be related to the business.

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Another very important criterion:
Avoid using numbers or symbols

Adding numbers or symbols to an English word will make it difficult for your guests to enter and remember your domain name. Eventually it may affect the traffic on the website and even lose a lot of business opportunities.

As long as you remember the three criteria mentioned above when you think of a domain name, you won’t make a wrong choice!

Since everyone can buy a domain name are already occupied by others, you can use this tool to check if the domain name you want is valid and can be purchased when you choose a domain name:

There will be a Whois record for each domain name registered. Whois information can be used to determine the availability of domain names, identify trademark infringements, and provide information about domain name registrars. With this tool, it’s easy to know the validity of the domain name!

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