Google previously launched the Google Play Points reward program in multiple countries to encourage users to spend on Google Play. This project has officially landed in Hong Kong recently.

Users can start using the Play Points service by registering Play Points in the Google Play Store. Every time a user purchases an item through the Play Store, they can earn corresponding points. For Hong Kong, you get at least 1 point for every HK$7 you used. Points earned can be used in exchange for special offers, such as purchasing items at a discounted price within a particular game. Users can also choose to redeem points for Play Credit to purchase their favorite products.

Play Points has 5 membership levels ranging from bronze level to diamond level. As long as the user gets the specified number of points within one year, he will be automatically upgraded to the next level. Advanced users will earn points more easily and will get extra benefits.

To encourage more people to participate, Play Points will regularly offer rewards event. You will get extra points for purchasing certain products during the specified period.


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