WhatsApp found a critical vulnerability and officially called for users to update immediately

About 1.5 billion users worldwide install WhatsApp programs to communicate with people on their mobile phones. WhatsApp recently confirmed that a hacker organization exploited a vulnerability in the WhatsApp program to install a monitor on particular users’ phone. According to foreign media reports, the intrusion program was developed by an Israeli network intelligence company. The intruder will try to call the target user via WhatsApp. As long as it successfully connects to target’s WhatsApp, it will use vulnerability to install the monitoring software into the phone, regardless of whether the user has answered it or not. WhatsApp says that the intruder is targeted at specific users, but it has not yet been confirmed how many users are affected. WhatsApp has fixed the vulnerability and called on all users to update the program as soon as possible, to make sure they are protected.

Firefox’s verification system has problems, making all add-ons unavailable

Firefox allows users installing add-ons to add extra functionality. Many Firefox users have installed add-ons to meet their needs. To ensure browser security, Firefox includes a verification system that checks if the add-on you are using has been verified for security. However, Firefox has a system problem that causes most of the add-on components to fail this verification after May 4. By default, Firefox will disable add-ons that fail validation, resulting in almost no add-ons can be used. Firefox has introduced a version that fixes this issue. Users who need to use add-ons can update Firefox and resolve the issue.

Mobile version of “Microsoft Excel” will let you import from photos

When you copy the information on the paper into your computer, you often rely on manual input. If you want to copy the form data into Microsoft Excel, there may be a more convenient method in the future. The Microsoft 365 service announced the February update few days ago, mentioning that the Android version of Microsoft Excel has added a new feature. The user can now simply uses the camera to take photo of a form, and the system will automatically converts the form into data in Excel using the AI ​​image recognition system. Users do not need to manually enter their own data. Excel for iOS will also add the same functionality, but it may take a while. Although this is a handy feature, this feature requires a subscription to the Microsoft 365 service.

The number of “fake apps” is on the rise

People often come into contact with mobile apps, but do you pay attention to whether the apps you are using come from trusted sources? Computer security company McAfee recently released the previous year’s mobile threat report. The report said that in the second half of 2018, the number of fake apps detected by the company has increased several times over the first half of the year. Popular apps can easily become mock targets for fake apps. The report uses the “Fortnite” game as an example. The Android version of the game could only be downloaded on a specific platform at the beginning of the beta period. As a result, criminals took the opportunity to make fake apps and put them online to wait for eager users to be fooled. Recently some companies put their app’s installation file onto their own platform for download, instead of putting the app to official …