Google may extend Android app review time

Google recently notified Android developers that due to internal working schedule adjustments, recent apps may take 7 days or longer to complete review. Affected by coronavirus, Google adjusted the number of employees in office. As a result, the Android App review process has been affected. Entire review process will be extended from about 3 days to 7 days or more. Since Google doesn’t specify which type of apps will be affected, it is believed that this arrangement will be applicable to all types of apps. The above arrangements are believed to be maintained until coronavirus is under complete control. If the outbreak shows signs of deterioration, the review time is more likely to be extended.

Apple Pay will support Octopus payment service

In June, foreign netizens found code related to Hong Kong Octopus in the beta version of iOS 13. It is estimated in the market that Apple will add the support of Octopus card in the near future. Now the service is officially confirmed and it will be provided later this year. The Octopus company recently issued a press release stating that iPhone and Apple Watch users will be able to make Octopus payments via Apple Pay later this year. As for the official start time and details of the service, it will take a later time to be announced. Currently many media estimates that Apple Pay’s Octopus support will need to work with iOS 13. Therefore, we may need to wait for the announcement of iOS 13 before we can use Octopus in our iPhone.

Firefox’s verification system has problems, making all add-ons unavailable

Firefox allows users installing add-ons to add extra functionality. Many Firefox users have installed add-ons to meet their needs. To ensure browser security, Firefox includes a verification system that checks if the add-on you are using has been verified for security. However, Firefox has a system problem that causes most of the add-on components to fail this verification after May 4. By default, Firefox will disable add-ons that fail validation, resulting in almost no add-ons can be used. Firefox has introduced a version that fixes this issue. Users who need to use add-ons can update Firefox and resolve the issue.