Google Chromium Team recently launched a new version of Chrome 81 Beta. The new changes are mainly aimed at the mobile AR interactive experience, and the NFC function allows websites to create more user experience.

Browser web page NFC

Near Field Communications (referred to as NFP) is a short-range wireless technology used to transmit small amounts of data. Web NFC allows websites to read and write NFC tags. This new set of APIs makes it easier for websites to access real-world item information, such as acquiring museum exhibits, managing inventory, and checking attendance records.

Reading information using Web NFC

AR VR WebXR Hit Test API

Chrome 81 adds the WebXR Hit Test API, which supports virtual reality, making it easier and more accurate to place virtual objects in the real world perspective.

Currently, browsers have integrated VR and AR functions, allowing designers to create more interesting web tools for websites and real life!

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