Sony and Microsoft announce cooperation on cloud gaming platform

Cloud gaming has become a major topic for many game platform companies. Under this trend, Sony and Microsoft, which had always been competitors, actually announced that they would cooperate on the mass entertainment platform and AI technology. The popular entertainment platform mentioned in it is probably the cloud gaming platform. Microsoft has a large number of server resources. It is estimated that within this cooperation, Sony will be able to use these huge resources for gaming development. In terms of AI technology, the two companies themselves already have certain development technologies. With the cooperation of both parties, the two can complement each other and the other technology can be upgraded to another level. One of the reasons for believing in collaboration is to compete with Google’s cloud gaming platform, Stadia. Let us wait and see how much sparks the two companies can bring to the market.

Windows 10 users may need to remove external storage to get the latest major updates

Windows 10 is a long-term development system that provides users with majar system updates approximately every six months. The latest update will be available to users for download and use in May. However, this update has a place that requires special attention. Microsoft recently released a new Support instructions, indicating that there was a problem in the May major update. If this update is made while an external storage device such as a USB external hard drive or SD card is connected, it may cause the system to incorrectly arrange the storage drives. In view of this, Microsoft will check if the computer is connected to an external device before updating. If an external storage device is found, the system will not update until the device is successfully removed. Microsoft said the issue will be resolved in future update. What Windows 10 users can do now is to follow Microsoft’s …

Mobile version of “Microsoft Excel” will let you import from photos

When you copy the information on the paper into your computer, you often rely on manual input. If you want to copy the form data into Microsoft Excel, there may be a more convenient method in the future. The Microsoft 365 service announced the February update few days ago, mentioning that the Android version of Microsoft Excel has added a new feature. The user can now simply uses the camera to take photo of a form, and the system will automatically converts the form into data in Excel using the AI ​​image recognition system. Users do not need to manually enter their own data. Excel for iOS will also add the same functionality, but it may take a while. Although this is a handy feature, this feature requires a subscription to the Microsoft 365 service.