The US government recently signed a new executive order prohibiting US companies from using devices having “potential information security risks”. Huawei, which has not successfully released the US doubts, was immediately included in the entity list by the US Commerce Department, prohibiting all unlicensed trading activities.

In order to cooperate with the US government, some large enterprises have begun to take corresponding actions. Google said it will not provide technical support for any Google products and Android systems for Huawei’s new mobile phone products. Large chip makers such as Intel and Qualcomm have also suspended all trading activities with Huawei. In addition, although Microsoft has not officially stated its position, some foreign media have found that Microsoft has quietly removed Huawei’s computer products in the official store.

In the face of the encirclement network of major companies, Huawei said that they will develop a unique operating system to get rid of the current state of relying on other companies. Due to the time required for the development of the operating system, it is believed that Huawei will remain in a passive state for some time.

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