A few months ago, Google closed the Youtube Gaming service. However, Google did not add the function Youtube Gaming in to the Youtube App when it was closed. As a result, users cannot directly use the app provided by Youtube to broadcast the mobile phone screen. And recently, this feature has finally been added to Youtube.

Android version Youtube has added the ability to stream mobile phone screens in the latest v14.31.50. Users can directly put their mobile phone screens live on the Youtube App. But not everyone can use this feature. First of all, the channel owned by the user needs to obtain the live authentication from Youtube first, and the number of subscribers of the channel needs to be more than 1000. After the above requirements are met, the user can use the mobile phone for live broadcasting.

Many of the channels that meet the conditions already have a certain degree of live broadcast equipment. There may not be much user would use this feature in a short period.


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