The Facetime App broke a critical vulnerability a few days ago and has had a major impact on users. Behind this incident, there was one thing that happened to involve Apple’s bug reporting system.

A week before the vulnerability was publicized, a 14-year-old teenager in the United States accidentally discovered this serious problem. The boy immediately reported the problem to his mother. After the mother and son made multiple tests and confirmed that the problem existed, they decided to report the report to Apple. In the process of reporting, they have tried various methods to try to make Apple notice the problem, but they have not received a positive response. At last, after the vulnerability was widely publicized, Apple finally began processing the incident.

The incident reflects that Apple’s bug reporting program has a certain degree of difficulty for the public. The report platform is sometimes abused, but it does not mean that all are useless information. Therefore, the platform for reporting vulnerabilities is recommended to be easy to use and publicly available to everyone.

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