With the increasing popularity of the Internet, information is rapidly spreading around the world. However, the Internet has become a place where some ulterior motives spread fake news and rumors, and many people forward it without proof. In addition to WhatsApp actively restricts false news distribution, Microsoft has quietly joined the anti-fake news and rumors camp.

No matter which country, fake news is a tough problem. If there is no technical solution or large-scale cultural change, the dilemma of fake news will continue for a while. Microsoft Edge adds the fake the news detection function is believed to be an important step in suppressing the problem.

The updated Microsoft Edge browser has added a new feature. NewsGuard, which tells users whether the content of the website is trusted, reduces the chances of netizens misreading fake news, and even spreading rumors. Under normal circumstances, NewsGuard will not be automatically enabled, and users will have to switch between settings. After setting the NewsGuard feature to be enabled, a red or green shield icon will appear in the status bar of the browser, and red means that the website being viewed is not trusted.

NewsGuard relies on human analysis rather than algorithms, and there is some doubt about the credibility of use. Although Microsoft Edge is not the most popular browser on the market, its positive attitude can prevent fake news and rumors.


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