People often come into contact with mobile apps, but do you pay attention to whether the apps you are using come from trusted sources? Computer security company McAfee recently released the previous year’s mobile threat report. The report said that in the second half of 2018, the number of fake apps detected by the company has increased several times over the first half of the year.

Popular apps can easily become mock targets for fake apps. The report uses the “Fortnite” game as an example. The Android version of the game could only be downloaded on a specific platform at the beginning of the beta period. As a result, criminals took the opportunity to make fake apps and put them online to wait for eager users to be fooled.

Recently some companies put their app’s installation file onto their own platform for download, instead of putting the app to official platform. McAfee expects, the number of fake apps will increase continuously. In order to protect yourself, when you download the mobile app on the unofficial platform, it is better to confirm whether the platform is suspicious or not.


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