Google announced that the .dev top-level domain will be open for registration on February 19th (US time). Internet Domain Name Authority ICANN launched the gTLD program several years ago to allow companies to apply for various gTLD domain names. Google submitted 101 gTLD top-level domain applications and ultimately got the top-level domain names such as .dev丶.app丶.blog.

Google has previously opened domain registration applications such as .app and .page. The .dev domain is primarily for developers, similar to .app, which requires mandatory use of HTTPS to block adware and ISP-implanted tracking code.

The .dev domain name is open to all public registrations from February 28th, and the Early Access Program is between February 19th and 27th, allowing customers to get the domain name they want before the public. Registration requires payment of fees to Google. The registration will be free of charge after February 28th.

At present, Google has already included domain names such as .docs丶.android丶.free丶 .fyi丶 .foo丶 .app.

Want to know if your domain name .com / .net is available?

Would you like to query .dev/ .app / .page etc?

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