Apple’s policy has always been to protect the privacy of its messengers. Recently, Google and Facebook have released iOS apps that violate relevant privacy and security regulations, causing Apple to revoke their corporate developer certificates.

Facebook’s Research App collects data from their mobile phones from 13 to 35-year-old volunteers and rewards them with a $20 monthly gift card rebate. This app can access data from almost all mobile phones, including users’ private messages, emails, search logs, web activity, and display violations of Apple’s privacy practices. Therefore, the enterprise developer certificate was revoked by Apple.

Later, it was discovered that Google also had a Screenwise Meter application that used the same method to induce users to install to collect data. Although Google has taken the initiative to remove the app beforehand, Apple still believes that Google also violates its privacy and security regulations. The result was also the cancellation of the Enterprise Developer Certificate by Apple.

Facebook and Google have lost their corporate developer credentials, seriously affecting their progress in developing apps on iOS. In particular, the apps used by daily internal employees and many betas that have not yet been officially launched can no longer be updated.

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