Ping Health Medical Technology “Ping An Good Doctor” announced that it has jointly developed the “Soundprint Registration System” (referred to as “Soundprint Lock”) with “Unisound” (the domestic intelligent voice and language technology research and development company). After several modeling and upgrade, the “Soundprint Lock” has a login success rate of nearly 99%, which is in the leading position in the industry.

Since Apple introduced two biometric technologies: Touch ID and Face ID, fingerprint recognition and face recognition are very common nowadays. “Soundprint Lock” is also becoming more and more popular. “Soundprint Lock” recognizes the user’s identity through the voice and tone of the person. Compared with the other two biometric technologies, the “Soundprint Lock” does not need to touch the identification device during authenication, which is more convenient to use.

However, the voiceprint recognition technology is known to have multiple limitations. First, the accuracy is affected by the user’s voice state, physical condition and mood. Second, the complexity of the environment, as well as the hardware configuration of the acquisition and transmission of audio, will affect the accuracy of the system. Therefore, the voiceprint recognition technology has been stagnant.

If the login success rate of “Ping An Good Doctor” is close to 99%. It will be a great breakthrough in the industry and a better chance of popularization.

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