Facebook also joined the video conferencing market and launched “Messenger Rooms”

Affected by the coronavirus, many people choose to work at home. The opportunities for companies to conduct long-distance meetings have increased correspondingly, and the number of users of some video conferencing programs has increased rapidly in the past few months. Facebook also took this opportunity to launch a new service called “Messenger Rooms”. Facebook users can create a video conference room and invite others to participate in the conference. A conference room can accommodate up to 50 people, and it also provides a way for non-Facebook users to enter the conference.

Google may extend Android app review time

Google recently notified Android developers that due to internal working schedule adjustments, recent apps may take 7 days or longer to complete review. Affected by coronavirus, Google adjusted the number of employees in office. As a result, the Android App review process has been affected. Entire review process will be extended from about 3 days to 7 days or more. Since Google doesn’t specify which type of apps will be affected, it is believed that this arrangement will be applicable to all types of apps. The above arrangements are believed to be maintained until coronavirus is under complete control. If the outbreak shows signs of deterioration, the review time is more likely to be extended.

“.Org” domain management rights sold to private company

Many non-profit organizations use “.org” as part of their domain name. The Public Interest Registry, which manages “.org”, has recently confirmed its sale to a private company. The network immediately caused a great response, and the biggest reason was the impact on the price of domain names. As early as June, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers decided to abolish the price ceiling for “.org”, which caused a lot of controversy at that time. Management rights are now sold to private companies, and the representative price may be determined entirely by a company. As another factor, most of the pages that currently use “.org” as part of their URLs are non-profit groups. The suitability of handing over “.org” to a private company is also a focus. Now, non-profit groups have initiated joint signings online, hoping to withdraw the relevant transactions.

Today is Google’s 21st birthday: a little retrospect.

Today (September 27th) is Google’s 21st birthday. It is also the theme of today’s Doodle Logo. This large technology company was officially established in 1998 and was only a search engine company. After 2001, Google began to acquire different types of technology companies to expand their range of services. Youtube, Google Map, and the Android operating system, which have become part of the lives of many people, are services that Google has acquired from other companies and have evolved to date. Google has also been involved in the mobile phone market in recent years to produce Pixel series phones. On October 15th, Google will hold “Made By Google” conference, and there will be Google’s latest hardware news.