Google wants to make it harder for sites to detect that you’re using Chrome’s Incognito Mode

Many people turn on the Incognito mode for their privacy and don’t let Google Chrome record your activity for private browsing. However, the implementation of the Incognitos mode does not completely make you “invisible”. According to Google Chrome, the following parties may still see your event: websites that you visit, your employer or school, your Internet service provider. Now, Google wants to make you safer, so that the websites you connect to don’t know if you are in Incognito mode.

Ping An Good Doctor Announced that the Login Success Rate of “Soundprint Lock” is close to 99%

Ping Health Medical Technology “Ping An Good Doctor” announced that it has jointly developed the “Soundprint Registration System” (referred to as “Soundprint Lock”) with “Unisound” (the domestic intelligent voice and language technology research and development company). After several modeling and upgrade, the “Soundprint Lock” has a login success rate of nearly 99%, which is in the leading position in the industry.